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Updating Website -- December 8, 2008

I've been making some major changes to the website, mostly on the gaming side. Here's a quick list of what's been done:

  • Signed up with AdSense to see if it would defray the cost of maintaining the site. Hopefully, the ads won't be too obnoxious.  Please let me know if you come across any ads that are inappropriate for a PG-13 website.

  • Reorganized the Map Page to make it easier to find maps, and added a couple of minor new maps.

  • Added a new section to the website for the Village of Longsaddle. It's a custom rewrite of a Forgotten Realms village.

  • Finally polished up the front door to the website, and made it presentable to the public.

Take a look around, leave a comment, and enjoy.

2008-12-09 02:51:59 GMT
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